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The choral song “Ye Who Are Warriors of God” – version 2020

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A new arrangement of the famous 15th century Hussite choral Ktož jsú boží bojovníci or Ye Who Are Warriors of God is currently being put together by over a hundred musicians from all around the world to mark the 600th anniversary of the medieval town of Tábor. Initiator of this project is also Miroslav Váňa, who works as a music producer at Berklee College of Music in Boston.

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Did the outnumbered Hussites defeat the crusaders at the Battle of Domažlice by singing? Modern-day historians are sceptical. But for František Palacký, Alois Jirásek and other Czech historians and writers of the Czech National Revival movement, the answer was clear. Their argument was Ktož jsú boží bojovníci, the choral Hussite fighting anthem (which translates from Old Czech as “Ye Who Are Warriors of God”), featured in this edition of the Best of Czech Classical Music.

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About the project:

Tabor 600 Tribute – a multimedia celebration of Tabor’s 600th anniversary united over 125 musicians from 41 countries and 6 continents to bring you the most unique music encounter of our time. Stepan Pavlik, Mayor of Tabor and Miroslav Vana (Czechia/USA), project’s executive producer, invite you to a journey around the world to experience musical variations on the 15th-century traditional choral song called “Ye Who Are Warriors of God” (“Ktoz Su Bozi Bojovnici”). Project has been developed in collaboration with multiple Grammy Award winners Olle Romo, Alex Venguer and Oscar Zambrano and an award-winning video director Ernesto Galan. Truly one-of-a-kind group of artists will elevate your audio and video senses above and beyond anything you’ve ever experienced: from the GeoShred’s iPad madness by a multi-platinum piano/keyboard wizard Jordan Rudess from the legendary Dream Theater to the rising superstar David Stewart from Migrant Motel who, in addition to his own version of the song, will share his tips about creativity. You will get enchanted by the effortless mastery of the jazz icons Kenny Werner (USA) and Emil Viklicky (Czechia) and razzle-dazzled by a Bollywood pop brilliance by a megastar producer Clinton Cerejo with Bianca Gomez (India), while getting captivated by the beautiful melodies of the Grammy-Award nominated composers/vocalists Chandrika Tandon (India/USA) and Mohamed Araki (Sudan). Czech music scene is well represented by the legendary Petr Janda and his grandson Petr Janda III, Petr Kroutil, Milos Dodo Dolezal and his son Milos Dolezal Jr, Pavel Valdman, Tomas Kaco, David Doruzka, Jirka Rambousek, Jiri Nedoma, Jakub Trasak, Dora Bondy; and our lead male vocalist Mladen Djelmo that started his music career in Tabor. We will introduce you to the guitar magicians Alek Darson (Serbia), Val Hal (Bulgaria), Aleif Hamdan (Indonesia), bass player extraordinaire Lior Ozeri and Guy Bernfeld (Israel), multimedia composer Nacho Gonzales (Uruguay), violin virtuoso Layth Sidiq (Jordan), cello master Marta Rosa (Spain), drum masters Yogev Gabay (Israel) and Isaku Kageyama (Japan) and many, many others – all come together to celebrate the legacy of the city of Tabor and its people.

This is our tribute to the city of Tabor:

A “Library of Inspiration” is a collection of videos by 125 artists presenting their own unique takes on the 15th-century traditional choral song called “Ye Who Are Warriors of God” (“Ktoz Su Bozi Bojovnici”)from jazz, country, metal, Bollywood pop to electronic music; selected videos will introduce you not only to the myriad of music styles and instruments, but will also serve as a showcase highlighting different cultures from around the world. We recorded not only all around the world, but also in the privacy of artists’ living rooms, kitchens, yards and gardens, home recording studios, attics and basements…. creating thus a truly historical snapshot of the world during the COVID-19 pandemic. While each of us will appreciate the individual renditions’ diversity and originality differently, we hope that collectively we remind ourselves that people from all around the world are capable of uniting and working together towards a common goal.

A Symphony/prog metal version:

One of the most talented arrangers of today, Eren Basbug in Ankara, Turkey, wrote a truly captivating, technically difficult, yet still easily accessible by a broad audience, 8-minute masterpiece version of the 15th-century traditional choral song called “Ye Who Are Warriors of God” (“Ktoz Su Bozi Bojovnici”). 24-piece choir, 3 guitarists, 3 bass players, 3 drummers, keyboard, piano, seaboard, string quartet, iPad GeoShred, and vocal soloists Dora Bondy, Ester Wiesnerova, and Mladen Djelmo recorded over one thousand different parts that will be assembled and mixed by Alek Darson in Canada and then shipped off to Swiss to a multiple Grammy Award winning sound engineer and producer Olle Romo (Lady Gaga, Mick Jager, Muse, Elton John….). After that, the mix will travel for a final mastering to NYC to a multiple Grammy Award winning sound engineer Oscar Zambrano (Sting, Justin Timberlake Wyclef Jean, Arcade Fire….). Meanwhile, back in Boston, Ernesto Galan, video producer for the Boston Ballet, creates a visual medley that helps to encapsulate the global character of the recordings.

An A Cappella Version:

An a cappella version for 24 singers was written by the very talented Ester Wiesnerova in Bratislava, Slovakia. This version will surely please fan of an a cappella music genre and audiences globally alike with an artistically fulfilling version that didn’t lose the original melody for the sake of brilliant vocal techniques by the individual singers, as often found in this genre. All of our choir members are well-known and respected vocalists around the globe. We could highlight for example a Canadian singer-songwriter Ali Slaight, musical director of an award-winning a cappella sensation “Pitch Slapped”, Tracy Robertson, and MusicLab teacher Gerson Euiguren from Ecuador. A multiple Grammy and Latin Grammy Award winning sound engineer, Alex Venguer (Sting, John Legend, Yo-Yo Ma, Herbie Hancock, Lady Gaga…..) will be, together with a multiple Grammy Award winning sound engineer Oscar Zambrano (Sting, Justin Timberlake Wyclef Jean, Arcade Fire….), in charge of the sonic field, while talented video producer Richard Danela will puzzle it all together into a mosaic-like video.

Behind the Scenes video-documentary:

Our “Behind the Scenes” video-documentary will present interviews with musicians, production team, Ing. Stepan Pavlik, Mayor of Tabor, Mgr. Jan Baťa, Ph.D. professor of Karlova University, Doc. PhDr. Hana Vlhová-Wörner, PhD from Masaryk Institute and Archives of the Academy of Scinences of the Czech Republic, Roman Cimbulka, preacher of Cirkev Bratrska, Mgr. Jakub Smrčka, Th.D., director of Husitske Muzeum Tabor, and others.

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